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Author: Charles de Trazegnies

Published: 11.2020

144 pages

We Can Save Our Planet If... What Greta Says

Since her first climate strike, in summer 2018, Greta Thunberg gathered billions of people. The 17-year old activist strikes to awake a global green conscience. But what are precisely her ideas?
Aimed at teenagers as well as adults, this illustrated book analyses her topics and ideas to depict a complete “green manifesto”. Scientists’conclusions on global warming must be faced, so as humanity can act. Yes, we still can save our planet. But we have to hurry up ! We must soon take global and efficient measures to limit temperature rise (and its disastrous consequences), limit gaz emissions, to reach carbon neutrality, strengthen greenhouse gas reservoirs…
Based on Greta Thunberg’s speeches and writings, this book offers a complete view on practical and global actions toward green revolution.

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