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Author: Constantin Mourousi

Published: 05.2020

220 pages

The Venus de Milo Enigma

The Venus de Milo, as la Joconde, is one of the stars of the Louvre museum, and is admired by millions of visitors every year. But this marble statue, stemming from the Cyclades archipelago, keeps arousing mystery. It was made in the IInd century BC, but we do not know its creator. Furthermore, the Venus de Milo lost its arms during a battle worthy of the best adventure stories.
This book recounts the journey of this statue from Melos Island to France in 1820, just before the Greek independence. The heroes of this journey are a Greek shepherd, France’s vice consul in Milo, a marine cadet, France ambassador in Constantinople and Prince Nicolas Mourousy, Arsenal Grand Dragoman, the author’s ancestor.
Foreword by Jean-Luc Martinez, President-Director of the Musée du Louvre and a specialist of Ancient Greek sculpture.

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