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Author: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Published: 10.2020

384 pages

Let's Save the Oceans

Following Jean-Michel Cousteau’s journey through a lifetime of ocean exploration, this book is a powerful portrayal about the environmental state of our planet through the eyes of the world’s first child SCUBA diver and now, impassioned explorer and diplomat. Navigating through a lifetime of experience, this is not simply a book about the environment, but an adventure across extraordinary oceans, inspiring stories and uplifting discoveries about the solutions that will lead us all to a better future.
For the last few decades, people have been warned that our natural environment is degrading under the pressures of rising human populations and the consequences of too many people using our finite natural resources. Pollution, exploitation, and climate change are some of many serious issues that face humanity.
But, as one of last surviving members of the Cousteau team aboard Calypso still exploring the oceans, Jean-Michel is the critical link between the past world of pioneering adventure and uncharted underwater discovery, and the current degrading state of our oceans, our environment, and our planet. He provides a fluid personal narrative, engaging readers with his optimism and life experience that lends itself to discussions and explanations about these serious issues as they are approached and understood through his lifetime. Jean-Michel offers an optimistic view of the world even in the midst of environmental devastation brought on by humans: it is not a story of humanity’s doom, but of our unprecedented opportunity in human history to choose the course of our future.
Throughout his lifetime of exploring the world, Jean-Michel has a single, powerful truth: we are the sea. We are made from the same life force of nature that drives all living creatures on our planet to survive and persevere against the odds. The beauty, creativity and resilience we find in nature exist within us too. Our future is entirely up to us, and that alone is a powerful message.

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