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Author: Armand Bulwa

Published: 01.1970

200 pages

Surviving Buchenwald

Armand Bulwa, 90, is one of the last camp survivors. Born Aron, in Piotrków (Poland) – the first ghetto set in 1939 by Nazis in Poland, he was deported for five years before being released in Buchenwald on 11th April 1945 by US soldiers, shocked to discover one thousand children among the prisoners. About four hundred were taken care of by the OSE (“Oeuvre de Secours aux enfants”), including Israël Meir Lau (who became Chief Rabbinate of Israel) and future Nobel Prize Elie Wiesel.
This book is his testimony. He relates his childhood in the ghetto, the Polish school on morning and heder on afternoon, while hatred of Jews grows in the country. Then the arrival of Germans, transforming the district into a Jewish ghetto, his deportation, his life in concentration camps…
"A poignant testimony", Le Monde

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