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Author: Bertrand Tessier

Published: 01.1970

280 pages

Steve McQueen. Beyond the Legend

Died on 7th November 1980, Steve McQueen lived as he loved driving: fast. Indeed, beyond his king-of-cool look, he was hiding a destructive persona…
After studying at the Actor’s Studio, he became famous with the TV series Wanted : Dead or Alive. Soon, the film The Magnificent Seven (1960) confirmed his star status. The Great Escape, The Cincinnati Kid or The Thomas Crown Affair, now classics, made then McQueen a star.
Indeed, Steve McQueen was an actor in tune with his time – in pace with the “flower power” and “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” mottos. But McQueen was soon a victim of alcohol, drug and sex addictions. Married with Ali MacGraw, while he just ended shooting Papillon, the noose was tightening on him and released his self-destructive drives. This fastened the actor’s fall, in his private and professional life. He died at 50 of cancer.
Biographer Bertrand Tessier recounts the rise and fall of an iconic actor, unveiling all his paradoxes and his dark sides.

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