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Author: Guillaume Evin

Published: 01.1970

240 pages

Once Upon a Time... JAMES BOND

Everybody knows his name. Everybody knows his number. But do we really know the man behind Her Majesty’s spy? What do know about the character born from the fertile imagination of an English dandy named Ian Fleming?
007 likes the hearty breakfasts, regrets that he had to leave his Beretta .25, thinks that the perfect woman can “cook Sauce Béarnaise as well as love”, regrets having to kill on duty... but accepts it easily for England. Naturally suspicious, he is not friendly except if it is required by his mission. Meticulous, sometimes cynical, he remains professional under all circumstances. He is not only one of the best MI-6 members but also the most trustworthy.
Based upon all 007 novels and short stories written by Ian Fleming, here comes the first biography of the hero in tuxedo.

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