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Author: Bigot - Goujon

Published: 10.2020

352 pages

Daft Punk Incognito

“We are Kraftwerk’s and George Lucas’s children. They both matter to us. Actually, we are Kraftlucas’s children.” – Thomas Bangalter.
This biography recounts the story of the most revolutionary French band : Daft Punk. Since the 90s, when this duo literally invented “French Touch”, their songs are played “around the world” – and still is hype, as can be seen from their featuring with Pharrell Williams. However, they hide behind their helmets lots of secrets.
This biography is shaped as a A to Z dictionary, from “Around the World” to “Yves Saint Laurent”, including “Dark Vador”, “Giorgio Moroder”, “Interstella 5555”, “Random Access Memories”…
A book which unveils secrets about a fascinating and popular duo.

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