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Author: Jean Philippe

Published: 01.1970

280 pages

Zidane’s Two Lives

Thanks to his daring penalty in the final of the 2006 World Cup, the whole world began to dream… But Zidane’s football career bitterly ended with his head-butting to Italian goal Materazzi.
Since then, Zidane has become a football legend. In 2016, Real Madrid’s victory in its Champions League made his trainer a star again.

From Marseille to Madrid, from the sensitive teenager to a serene father, Zidane’s Two Lives, updated edition of Zidane : De Yazid à Zizou (2006), recounts thirty years of an extraordinary career.

An updated Mass Paperback edition: in addition of the World Cup 2006,
this new edition depicts his training programmes and his beginnings as a trainer
(2006 – 2016).
More than 25,000 copies sold of the two previous editions.

“A reading more and more interesting while pages are turning…
Jean Philippe is a specialist, and he collected many testimonies”.

“The portrait of a sensitive and generous man”.
Tele Magazine

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