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Author: Denis Mukwege

Published: 12.2016

280 pages

A Plea For The Living

Often called “The man who mends women”, he experienced worldwide fame for his work with victims of sexual violence during the war that plagued eastern Congo for decades. He has famous friends and dangerous enemies: Denis Mukwege, 61, survived several assas- sination attempts, the latest in 2014.

Born in 1955 in ex-Belgian Congo, he studied medicine first in Bukavu (Congo), before specializing in gynaecology (in Angers, France). He became a symbol of hope and peace in ex-Belgian Congo. So much so that many people gave their support for a potential pre- sidential mandate, and called him “the new Mandela”.

Since then, Dr. Dennis Mukwege made his beliefs a goal, an ideal, a vocation. He keeps running his hospital, taking care of raped women. Those in power cannot tolerate that an ordinary citizen draws the world’s attention on womens’ ordeals within the country. Mukwe- ge received the Olof Palme Prize in Sweden. He received the Sakharov Prize for Peace in 2014 and was a nominee for the Nobel Prize of Peace 2016.

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