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Author: Saliha Ben Ali

Published: 01.1970

208 pages

Mom, Do You Hear The Wind?

Brussels, August 2013. In the morning, when Saliha comes into his son Sabri’s room, it is empty. The 19-year-old man left a couple hours earlier to fly to Syria. No explanation, no word. His radicalization happened with the utmost secrecy.
During three months, Saliha lives a nightmare, between dread and despair, clinging to rare calls or texts from his son, recruited on ISIS’ sides. How could he have changed so dramatically? Why did she not see anything? Soon a call informs Saliha his son died “as a martyr”...
Ever since Saliha Ben Ali has been committed to fight jihadist brainwashing. A lesson for life, and a fight against obscurantism.

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