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Author: Catherine Rihoit

Published: 01.1970

462 pages

Jane Austen

She is as famous as Shakespeare. So many books and articles have been written about her.
Since here early works, Jane Austen (1775-1817) was just like her heroines: independent, preferring individual pleasures to rules of polite society, a balanced judgement to mad impetus.
One value leads her literary such as sentimental life: the truth of heart – that we forbid to women at that time. For women, falseness was indeed the essential component of her social achievement. “Our feelings prey upon us”, she wrote in Persuasion. Maybe here is her accomplishment: ahead of her time, she agrees with current female aspirations.
Was the writer of Pride and Prejudice a rebel? Here is the question asked in this thorough biography, in which Jane Austen’s works and life answer themselves.

"Catherine Rihoit wants to free this «rebellious heart» from popular beliefs... A very romantic biography."
Le Monde

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