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Author: Martine Gozlan

Published: 05.2018

160 pages

Israël. 70 Years

Israel national anthem is “Hatikvah” – hope. However, fear seems to limit Israeli horizon. It settled progressively, within two generations, and influenced political choices in the country. This essay explores a multifaceted society as well as the daily life of Israelis in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa or in West Bank colonies. A radiography of Israel through seven keys which help to understand the country’s challenges. Israel has experienced a deep change in the recent years: the Jewish community starts reducing; inner splits between orthodox and lay people, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, Arab and Israeli appear, revealing a divided society. And even if most Israelis are in favour for of a two-state country, many think a consensus is impossible… and feel abandoned by the international community. In addition to these obstacles, fear of terrorism remains strong: although a wall was built in 2003 after the second intifada, from 2014 on, new attacks took place. Israel is at the crossroads of many internal and societal conflicts. Already marked by the Shoah, the fear of its own annihilation accounts for its difficult recovery. However, the Jewish State remains a land of resources and History, with many possibilities and an undeniable opening to world.

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