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Author: Philippe Candeloro

Published: 11.2016

304 pages

Ice Crime

Eispickel Hotel is a luxury resort in mountains near Davos. Two hundreds conference delegates meet there: International Skating Union is about to elect their president. The day before the election, while a blizzard is forecasted, Lorena, ISU Chief of security, witnesses an attack whom she survives: Leroy, current French Federation president, and candidate for International election, was just murdered before her eyes. Lorena warns immediately Zurich police, but now blizzard’s raging, and communications are cut off. Then, on that night, tongues are being loosened, and some rumours raise their heads again. Truly, figure skating world isn’t so bright…

“The style is fluent like a sidestep,

and the story bounces like a series of triple axels”

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