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Author: Alain Wodrascka

Published: 01.2018

300 pages

France Gall. Cheers and tears

On 22nd March 1997, she gave her last live show. Ever since, her songs remained popular. The fame of France Gall, who died on 7th January 2018 at 70, runs through more than 50 years.
After “Sacré Charlemagne” (1964), “Poupée de cire, poupée de son” (written by Serge Gainsbourg – 1965 Eurovision Grand Prix), “Les sucettes” (Gainsbourg, 1967), most of her hits were written by her husband, Michel Berger: “Ça balance pas mal à Paris”, “Si maman, si”, “Viens, je t’emmène”, “Il jouait du piano debout”…
She became an idol, singing around the world, including Germany (“Ich liebe dich, so wie du bist”, “Ein bißchen Goethe, ein bißchen Bonaparte“), Italy or Spain.
Yet, the public does not know all dramas she experienced: Michel Berger’s death (1992), her cancer diagnosis (1993), the death of her daughter due to cystic fibrosis (1997).
From her yé-yé beginnings on, this biography, including testimonies by close relations and colleagues, explores the many faces of an artist who had many lives – between cheers and tears.

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