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Author: Michel Faure

Published: 01.1970

300 pages

Charles, King of England

At 71, he is still waiting but the doors never opened: The Prince of Wales still is in the waiting room. He presides over 400 charity organizations, with a gentle smile and a kind word for everyone; he is publicly serious and intimately mischievous.
Since he is young, Charles enjoyed every delight. Perhaps out of boredom, but also because he is a hedonist – and can afford to be. Polo, girls, studies, weapons learning, and a taste for uniforms and well-cut suits… The Prince has always been a dandy.
But there are also his affairs – including Camilla Shand (ex-Parker Bowles). In 1981, his wedding with Diana was at the front page of any newspaper around the world, as was the birth of their two kids, their divorce, then the death of the rebellious princess in a car crash in Paris in 1997. After a decent time, Camilla reappears – and actually she had never really disappeared. She is the love of his life. An elegant – and quite discreet – wedding testifies that, like Diana, Charles is also a rebel.
Michel Faure examines the man, prince, husband, father and today grandfather, who sometimes drives in a James Bond-like Aston Martin (but fueled with biodiesel), who was a green activist ahead of his time, who loves to garden, to do some magic tricks, to paint watercolors. He treats himself with homeopathy, played violoncello in his youth and takes a cold shower every morning. To sum up, he is an old kid-to-be-king, who keeps his mysteries.

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