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Author: Elisabeth Reynaud

Published: 11.2020

300 pages

Céline Dion, The Power of Love

When René Angélil, her great love and her lifetime manager, passed away, Céline Dion’s world fell down. He discovered her, supported her, gave her three sons… and then he was gone. But Céline, now 51 years old, kept her chin up. Her mourning over, she went back on stage, more determined than ever. Forget the old-fashioned image stuck to her: Céline Dion is now a cool icon!
The fourteenth child of an artists family from Charlemagne, Québec, Céline is only 12 when René discovers her, in 1980. She falls immediately in love with this man 30-year than herself. With the birth of this passion, her legend begins… lasting more than 30 years after they met. And in 2020, her new tour “Courage” marks Céline Dion’s rebirth. Who is the woman behind her amazing voice? Elisabeth Reynaud leads us into the diva’s intimacy, between her family life and her shows.

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