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Author: Michel Embareck

Published: 02.2018

252 pages

Bob Dylan and The Midnight Roamer

When his first album was released, Bob Dylan could rely upon a great support within his record company, including Johnny Cash, at the peak of his career, who considered him as the new voice of folk music.
The two men began writing to each other; their letters reflect their chaotic life, their genius... and their moods. But also the 60s: Vietnam war, JKF’s and MLK’s assassinations...
From Nashville to Saigon and from Newport to Paris, the readers follow the buddies: Cash on stage in Folsom prison, in 1968, a stoned Marilyn Monroe, a furious Richard Nixon, a splendid and generous Alice Cooper, Kris Kristofferson as a cleaner in Columbia studios.
Michel Embareck and his double – the old radio presenter known as the “Midnight Roamer” – revisit American history, from the bloody struggle for civil rights to the election of Obama.

About his previous book, Jim Morrison and the Lame Devil (L'Archipel, 2016):

"A very documented novel on the most romantic era of rock'n'roll",Rolling Stones

"A well told story, with a personal and intimate tone. The portrait of a generation", Le Figaro

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