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Author: Pascal Louvrier

Published: 05.2018

240 pages

Amy Winehouse. No Limits

“I need more time”, wrote Amy Winehouse (1983- 2011) in one of her notebooks, where she wrote lyrics since she was a child. She needed time. But she would not have this chance. She was trapped by the media circus who use her innocence, her straight-talk, then her bad behaviour, her romantic setbacks and finally, her dependences to drugs...
Her relatives did not want to understand the depth of her distress. She was alone in her descent into hell. Nobody could protect her from herself.
The result of a long investigation and new testimonies, this book depicts the life of a singer with an amazing talent, who died at only 27.
This new biography includes testimonies of Amy’s friends: Henry Hate, her tattoo artist, Robin Barnejee, her guitarist...

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