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Author: Luc Mary

Published: 09.2017

416 pages

Lenin: The Red Tyrant

An hero of working classes or a pitiless tyrant? Vladimir Ilitch Oulianov, aka Lenin (1870-1924), keeps arousing passions, intriguing and inspiring revolutionary vocations.

Before Hitler committed his “ethnic cleansing” and Stalinist purges, there was the “class cleansing” of Lenin. The Bolshevik bled the Russian people dry, despoiled hundreds of thousands of farmers and eliminated whole parts of population, in the name of Lenin’s hatred of bourgeoisie. Promoter of Red Terror after the revolution, Lenin drowned half the Russian people in starvation and poverty. The “red tyrant” will have provoked the death of more than ten millions people in five years.

However, the father of communism remains an icon of the struggle against Tsarism. Denunciations of Stalin have not changed his status of USSR hero. And, still nowadays, if Soviet communism doesn’t exist anymore, many followers are still celebrating his memory…

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