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Author: Coco

Published: 01.1970

160 pages

How To Slim Without Eating

100% humor – 0% calories

Are you fed up with pictures of flawless top models, actors or stars? Sometimes, you wonder how they can be so fit.
– Have they got a machine to melt cellulite?
– Do they sell the fat the black market to pay for surgery?
– Have they got a transgenic skin which auto generates and wipes all imperfections?
One hour of making-up, a great photographer, a touch of Photoshop, and you could be next Vogue cover. Anything’s possible: you’re like everyone else!
With How To Slim Without Eating, you will stop feeling guilty and, most of all… love yourself!
Do you drool over it? So, crunch this book. Each smile will make you lose 10 calories.

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