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Author: Maëlle Brun

Published: 03.2018

216 pages

Brigitte Macron

“A cougar in the Élysée” (The Times, UK), “the most unusual First Lady ever” (The Independent, UK), Emmanuel Macron’s “principal adviser” (The New York Times, US), “Jane Fonda’s nice friend” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany), “the president’s electoral ticket” (El Pais, Spain), one of Chinese social medias’ favourites… Brigitte Macron fascinates the whole world.
But behind her smiles, Brigitte Macron hides many pains, from the dramas of her childhood to the consequences of a love affair with a pupil named Emmanuel Macron, who was 16 when they first met.
With such a personal history, she should be a very different First Lady. She names herself the “little soldier” of her husband, but she actually is the president first advisor. Elysée counsellors admit – even unwillingly: Emmanuel Macron’s wife is his “non-negotiable part”.
What are the First lady’s motivations? Beyond gossips on the age gap, her taste for Louis Vuitton dresses and her rich-and-famous friends, Maëlle
Brun unveils the woman behind the appearances.
More than a hundred testimonies have been collected for this biography of Brigitte Macron, the first to appear in France.

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