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Author: François Gautier

Published: 08.2017

304 pages

A New History of India

Many stereotypes still stick to India: Calcutta’s poverty, Mother Theresa’s slums, maharajas splendour and Bollywood’s colourful cinema… A “land of contrasts” which fascinates and attracts, but which remains mysterious and impenetrable, even frightening because of the breadth of its crowds, the complexity of its social and religious system, its underlying violence and the dirt in its streets.

India, now the sixth world power – before United Kingdom, can’t be reduced to these stereotypes. Its history should be re-written because it is based on misconceptions. Not so far ago, the Indian continent was a reference: its culture, sciences, spirituality, philosophy have deeply influenced the history of the world – and knocked our Western vision. Don’t we say that Sanskrit could be the mother of all tongues?

François Gautier dismantles clichés, and emphasizes striking eras of a history as old as mankind.

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